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Hydra DR-64T (For Ponds Only)

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Biological solution for Duckweed Control in garden ponds. Starves off existing duckweed growth and improves water quality to prevent reappearance. Not harmful for plants, fish, pets or humans.
Shelf Life of 2 Years
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Hydra DR-64T 100g £16.95
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Hydra DR-64T 200g £33.90
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Hydra DR-64T 500g £84.75
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Features & Advantages

  • Natural and safe product for pond duckweed removal.
  • Improves the water quality and inhibits reappearance after complete eradication of existing growth.
  • Easy to use, add directly to the pond, broadcast evenly over the surface.
  • Safe to use in ponds with fish and plants.
  • Does not harm pets, wildlife or humans.
  • No harmful pesticides or herbicides included in the product composition.
  • Specific micro-organisms starve duckweed only without affecting other water plants.


How To Use

• Switch off UV lights for 2 days when first adding Hydra DR-64T to system.
• If UV is part of filter system then remove fuse for UV tube.
• As this is a biological product the bacteria will reproduce slower in the winter months and reach their maximum growth rate when the water temperature is above 6°C.

Usage Rate - Ponds

• Needs to treat every two weeks until Duckweed disappears.
• Either add to biological chamber of filter box (after UV light if present). Or place directly into water body via a feeder stream (waterfall, pump return etc).
• Broadcast directly over water body.

 Pack Size/Treatment (for Surface Area)

100 gram treats 5 sq. metre (5 application)

200 gram treats 10 sq. metre (5 application)

500 gram treats 25 sq. metre (5 application)

1 kg treats 50 sq. metre (5 application)

Full Instructions on the label.



The Problem

Duckweed or Lemna Minor is a small perennial aquatic plant that thrives well in shallow water bodies that are rich in nutrients (usually because of decaying organic matter). It floats on the water covering the water surface in the form of carpet like foliage. The thick covering of duckweed cuts out the sunrays from entering the water and therefore killing all other underwater plants. Duckweed multiplies very quickly matching the growth rate of higher plants. In ponds with excessive presence of phosphates and nitrates, duckweed can double itself within 2 days. Stagnant ponds, sheltered from winds and current also encourage duckweed infestations. Duckweed easily spreads through water birds and is small enough to be carried around with strong wind currents. Duckweed has even been reported to be found inside of hailstones.


Hydra DR-64T is a biological treatment containing a powerful blend of enzymes and bacteria. The product removes and suppresses the duckweed growth and resumes the ecological balance of the water.

Hydra DR-64T modifies the water quality and reduces excessive nutrients on which duckweed thrives; thus starving off the existing growth and preventing new growth. A biologically balanced pond does not experience duckweed problems.

Hydra DR-64T can be used safely for duckweed control in gold fish or large koi fish ponds. The product is suitable for use in boundary water courses, zoo ponds and leisure fishing lakes. Water bodies undergoing intensive aquaculture operations including angling clubs, fish farms or live stock holding tanks also experience duckweed problems, where Hydra DR-64T proves to be a perfect solution.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

Products Questions:

Posted by ann Davies on Friday, 7 March 2014


Hydra DR-64T 100gm is stated as being sufficient for 5 sq meters surface area. Could you tell me if this is for ONE application only. ie. no repeats doses over that area.


  • Posted by Simon Reid on Friday, 7 March 2014
    You use 20g per 5sq metre treatment, therefore 100g is sufficient for 5 treatments.
Posted by Robert Coombs on Sunday, 9 February 2014


Is this a new product? I tried your last one with a little success. When I tried to get some more i seem to remember it wasnt available so I tried your blue dye without any success. Thanks Robert Coombs


  • Posted by Simon Reid on Sunday, 9 February 2014
    Yes, It is a New Product
Posted by on Monday, 6 January 2014


How Hydra DR-64T is different from other duckweed treatments available in the market?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Monday, 6 January 2014

    Hydra DR-64T is a completely biological product unlike other available treatments which may prove deleterious for fish and ornamental water plants. The powerful bacteria and enzyme blend removes the essential nutrients on which duckweed thrive. The product improves the water quality and dissuades the return of Duckweed bloom.

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Customer Reviews

It worked
I always knew that keeping my pond healthy would keep the weeds away, but what was the solution if the spores do fall in. I am against any chemical treatment that would disturb the water chemistry in my pond. Hydra DR solves all my problem. It is as effective on the weed as any chemical and at the same time safe like any biological product.
Review by Benjamin S.
worth the money
I was always worried about the duckweed nuisance and never knew a solution that would work without killing off my plants I seems Hydra Hydra DR-64T is the final answer.
Review by Horace Gladstone
Worked wonders
I was alarmed at the rate Duckweed covered my pond quickly. I searched the net for solution and came across chemicals that promised to kill the weed. But I was worried about my lilly pads too. Therefore I chose Hydra DR which claims to a be biological treatment. It was effective in my pond. i am waiting to see whether the promise of keeping away the duckweed is also fulfilled
Review by Hannah Cooper
Truly powerful and absolutely affordable!!
I couldn't believe I can actually clean my sister's koi pond from the ghastly Duckweed. This hydra DR-64T is truly powerful, two thumbs up to you guys at Hydra!

Review by Samuel - Fife
Easy to Use.
Easy to Use. Hydra DR-64T is very efficient in getting rid of overabundance of duckweeds in my pond especially during summer.
Review by Alfred Honour
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