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Hydra Chloramine-T

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Available as 100% concentrated chloramine-t powder. Powerful and safe algaecide, fungicide (effective on spores too), virucide, bactericide and germicide for pond fish care.
Shelf Life of 3 Years
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Hydra Chloramine-T-500gm (1gm treats 455L) £24.30
SAVE £2.00

RRP Price: £24.30

SAVE: £2.00

Hydra Chloramine-T 1 kg (1gm treats 455L) £48.60
SAVE £15.00

RRP Price: £48.60

SAVE: £15.00

Hydra Chloramine-T 5 kg (1gm treats 455L) £243.00
SAVE £174.30

RRP Price: £243.00

SAVE: £174.30

Hydra Chloramine-T 20 kg (1gm treats 455L) £972.00
SAVE £742.60

RRP Price: £972.00

SAVE: £742.60



Features & Advantages

  • Proven disinfectant to eliminate bacteria, virus, fungi, and yeast. Effective on spores also.
  • Hydra Chloramine-T is non-carcinogenic, non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic.
  • Dissolves quickly in water with fast and optimum agent concentration.
  • Dependable preventive treatment method to cancel out resistance formation
  • Completely biodegradable. Disintegrates in a few weeks time.
  • Safer alternative to chlorine tablets or liquid bleach.
  • Safe to use on most materials.
  • Not harmful for animals.


How To Use

Usage Rate

Use Hydra Chloramine-T is as per recommended concentrations for different treatment purposes.

  • Fish Medicine: Dilute 1 gram of Hydra Chloramine-T in 455 litres (100 gallons) of water.
  • Disinfecting of nets: Keep the nets soaked in 1% solution of Hydra Chloramine-T. Add 100 gram of Hydra Chloramine-T to 10 litres of water to make 1% solution. Make fresh solution after 24 hours to dip nets. Shake off the extra drops of solution from the net before using in the tanks to net fish. Rinse the net in fresh water if using to net delicate fish.



Chloramine-T is widely used by pond keepers and aquaculture industry for pond fish care. Hydra Chloramine-T, available as 100% concentrated powder, is an effective aquatic disinfectant. The product removes virus, spores and bacteria from the pond water.


  • Fish Treatment: Hydra Chloramine-T is extensively used for fish disease treatment. It successfully controls Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) and Gyrodactylus salaries at the application rate of 1% solution.
  • Disinfecting Equipment: For many years now aquaculture industries and ornamental fish keepers have been using Hydra Chloramine-T. The product is especially useful for disinfecting all angling equipment prior to as well as after fishing.
  • Disinfecting Nets: All raceways, tank or holding facility on fish farms and aquatics centres should store their own nets. It is important to disinfect these nets. The nets are kept soaked continuously in 1% solution of Hydra Chloramine T for effective disinfection.

It is important to disinfect all angler equipment both at the time of arrival at the fisheries and departure to pevent transfer of diseases.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

Products Questions:

Posted by olga on Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Please let me know how to dialuted chloramine t in pond water or on tap water? Thank you.


  • Posted by Evie Rose on Tuesday, 28 October 2014

    Hello Olga,

    We would recommend to dilute Chloramine-T with tap water.

Posted by mick ralph on Wednesday, 29 January 2014


about 6 of my koi in the pond have large sores on their bodies im treating them with chloramine t in the pond .the filter is a kockney koi and has only recently been set treating at 1 gram per 100 gallons would it be advisable to carry on this treatment,and what will happen to any good bacteria in the filter,only im due to order some more .regards mick


  • Posted by Zoe Thomson on Wednesday, 29 January 2014
    Yes it is advisable to carry on treatment.Due to low temperature there would be no effect on the good bacteria.
Posted by on Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Is Chloramine-T safe to use as a general purpose disinfectant?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Wednesday, 4 December 2013

    Yes, Chloramine-T is traditionally used as a general disinfectant across various sectors including aquaculture, cattle, pig and poultry farming, hospitals and many more. Chloramine-T produces lesser disinfectant by product and remains active for longer period than other disinfectants such as chlorine.

    As with any treatment care should be taken to follow the guidelines cautiously. For example: dilution rates vary for different surface, equipment, livestock treatment. Water pH levels also affect the required dilution for treatment. While using in ponds care should be taken to keep the waters well oxygenated through aeration pumps. In addition, it is advisable to by pass the filters for three to four hours after application of the product to protect the favourable bacteria colonizing the filter.

Posted by on Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Is there any single product which may be used against parasites and flukes and bacteria alike?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Tuesday, 3 December 2013

    Hydra Chloramine-T is a known to be effective against most bacterial fungal and parasitic diseases including white spot, Costia, Trichodina and Chilodonella.

Posted by on Monday, 2 December 2013


Do you have a product that acts as a general disinfectant for pond?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Monday, 2 December 2013

    Hydra Chloramine-T is an established product that acts as a broad spectrum anti- fungal, anti bacterial and anti-virus agent. Chloramine-T is also effective against parasites and algae.

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Customer Reviews

better than chlorine tablets
When I realised how harmful could be chlorine which I routinely used for disinfecting my pond, I immediately stopped its use and switched to Hydra Chloramine T
Review by Martha Jones
An effective disinfectant
It is important to disinfect the pond and fish time and again. I only trust Hydra Chloramine T for this purpose
Review by Joe
A must have
all pond owners should hve Chloramine T for disinfection purposes. Hydra Chloramine T is free of impurities and is 100 percent concentrated powder.
Review by Dylan Pond
No Harsh Smell.
Dissolved in water and didn't leave any harsh smell once used.
Review by Martine Johnston

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