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Hydra Quartz (Pond Blanket Weed Treatment)

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Effectively removes string algae, blanket weed, and slime.
Perfectly safe for fish ponds, koi ponds, lakes, natural pools, irrigation systems and swimming pond....
Shelf Life of 3 Years
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Hydra Quartz-1Kg treats 10,000L £18.95
SAVE £4.50

RRP Price: £18.95

SAVE: £4.50

Hydra Quartz-2x1Kg treats 20,000L £37.90
SAVE £10.45

RRP Price: £37.90

SAVE: £10.45

Hydra Quartz-5Kg treats 50,000L £67.94
SAVE £13.99

RRP Price: £67.94

SAVE: £13.99

Hydra Quartz-20Kg treats 200,000L £419.00
SAVE £249.05

RRP Price: £419.00

SAVE: £249.05



Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Quartz granules are easy to apply and are broadcast or sprinkled directly over the blanket weed patch.
  • Works on the principle similar to traditional barley straw treatment but gives faster results. No need to deal with smelly, decomposed straw.
  • Absorbs nitrates and phosphates, which are the nutrients essential for blanketweed to thrive. Other constituents include favourable bacteria and enzymes that prevent blanket weed from returning.
  • No need to switch off the UV lights.
  •  Biological filters and pumps remain unaffected during treatment.
  • Natural and eco-friendly components of Hydra Quartz pose no danger to aquatic life including fish and water plants. Safe with pets, birds, and visiting animals that may drink treated water.
  • No harmful effect on concrete surfaces or synthetic liners.
  • No effect on the pH level of the water.


How To Use

Usage Rates

  • 1 kg  of Hydra Quartz treats 10,000 litres of water
  • 2x1 kg of Hydra Quartz treats 20,000 litres of water
  • 5 kg of Hydra Quartz treats 50,000 litres of water
  • 20 kg of Hydra Quartz treats 200,000 litres of water

Calculate the exact amount of product required to treat the water with the help of our pond and dose calculator

Full instructions on the label.

How does Hydra Quartz Work and How to Use:

  • Use Hydra Quartz with the first appearance of blanket weed.
  • Broadcast over the affected area.
  • Product may foam upon application, this is normal.
  • Ponds with fish should treat half of water surface at a time to give fish space to swim away from the dying blanket weed.
  • Hydra Quartz granules act instantly on the weed, which die off completely usually within 2-3 days after that remove the dead blanket weed from the pond.
  • Dead blanket weed, if not removed decomposes and will drop down to the bottom.
  • Waterfalls should be turned off before treatment. Apply Hydra Quartz on the ledges and leave for 30 minutes, brush over the surface. Running the waterfall after treatment washes away the weed. Treat the pond thereafter.
  • Special formulation of Hydra Quartz keeps the pond weed free for long intervals; however spores may easily travel back into the water body through wind, birds and new addition of water plants. Re-apply Hydra Quartz with the first sign of infestation.
  • Apply the product in full strength if re-growth is seen.



The Problem

Blanket weed is a widespread nuisance for most pond keepers. Characteristically blanket weed spreads in the form of long filaments and quickly covers the water surface with a woven filamentous growth.

Blanket weed grows fast under sunshine, especially in ornamental ponds with fish. Pond keepers over feed the fish causing additional nutrients (nitrates and ammonia) to leach into the ponds in the form of uneaten fish food and excessive fish excrement. If left unchecked, blanket weed may cause severe oxygen depletion in a water body along with creating stress for the larger fish by hindering their movement.

Pond keepers sometimes pull out the live blanket weed manually; this results in shedding of numerous spores within the water. The spores eventually grow and blanket weed returns in rather severe form covering even larger water surface.

The Solution

Hydra Quartz is proven as a highly effective treatment to get rid of blanketweed. Product constituents include natural minerals and sequestrants. Hydra Quartz starves the blanket weed by absorbing the nutrients on which the weed survives. The growth dies off normally within two to three days, after which it could be safely removed without the risk of releasing spores into the water.

Hydra Quartz is completely biodegradable and does not remain in the water for long but reverts to oxygen and hydrogen within 48 hours.

What is Blanket weed?

The term blanket weed is used to describe various strains of filamentous algae. Blanket weed may appear in a pond as fine wispy hair like growth on the sides of the ponds. Blanket weed may infest the pond as thick and candy floss looking mass floating freely on the water surface or choking the water plants. Similar to green water causing algae, blanket weed also spreads quickly in sun exposed ponds with nutrient rich water. Blanket weed are unsightly and may choke plants and fish.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

Products Questions:

Posted by Ron Neale on Monday, 18 August 2014


How often should one treat the pond?


  • Posted by Evie Rose on Monday, 18 August 2014

    Hydra Quartz treats the blanket weed that is present in your pond.

    Once treated, it need only be re applied if another bloom occurs.

Posted by Marianne harris on Wednesday, 6 August 2014


How long after treatment with hydra quartz can I run the fountains and waterfalls. Thank You. M.Harris


  • Posted by Robin Newman on Wednesday, 6 August 2014
    Dear Harris, If fishes are present in pond, You should start fountains and waterfalls in an hour's time. In the absence of fishes, no issues how longer it is off.
Posted by Bryn Jarvis on Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I've recently drained, cleaned all the algae from the liner, filter, pump etc & refilled with app 50% of the water removed from the pond & 50% tap water. & reinstalled the goldfish, but from past experience the pond weed soon reappears. So would it be wise to install the treatment now, or wait 'till the blessed stuff shows itself again? Thank you.


  • Posted by Robin Newman on Tuesday, 13 May 2014

    Hydra Quartz removes blanket weed, if there is no weed in pond then product might not respond.
    Algae can re-appear anytime when there are favorable conditions. Apply Quartz as soon as blanket weed appears.
    You can try precautionary majors to stop blanket weed to re-appear such as do not feed fishes
    much, protect pond from sun light or else you can try our dyes for the pond which blocks
    sunlight and will control algae growth.
    For Dyes, Click here or Visit :

Posted by M carpenter on Monday, 5 May 2014


1700 ltr pond, how many mg's of hydra aqua pond treatment will I need ?


  • Posted by Robin Newman on Monday, 5 May 2014

    As per instructions, the dilution rate of Hydra quartz is 1:10000 i.e., 1kg treats 10,000 litres of water.

    So for 1700 litres you should use approx~170gm of the product.

    Here is the link for Pond volume calculator:

Posted by bob scutt on Tuesday, 25 March 2014


my blanket weed does not go across the top of the pond but clings to the side very thick and spreads along the bottom of the pond, do i just put the Hydra Quartz around the edge of the pool ?????


  • Posted by Simon Reid on Tuesday, 25 March 2014


    Yes, simply apply where ever the blanket weed is.

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Customer Reviews

Why did we wait so long?
We had a serious infestation of blanket weed in our spring fed 10000 litre natural pond. We kept on removing it only for it to immediately return. Hydra Quartz has been almost a miracle cure and the water is now crystal clear and blanket weed free. Highly recommended. Review by Brian
Throw off your blanket for the summer
it did just what it said on the carton. A fantastic result and the fish and pond insects did not object!
Review by Lorenzo
Very effective
Worked wonders on a pond full of Blanket weed and with green water. Used exactly as per instructions and no harm came to anything in the pond except the blanket weed.
Review by Antonio
Lily saver!
"Absolutely awesome.did the job with rid of all the infestation in a week. A bit expensive but did what it said on the tin"
Review by Noah
Used this product foe 2yrs now does what it says not like some other products just try it you will not be diapointed. Review by David
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