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Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator

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Suitable for tap water dechlorination and eliminating toxic chlorine and chloramines from the water used for filling fish/koi ponds.
Shelf Life of 3 Years
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Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator-1L treats 50,000L £17.30
SAVE £2.00

RRP Price: £17.30

SAVE: £2.00

Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator-5L treats 250,000L £86.50
SAVE £34.30

RRP Price: £86.50

SAVE: £34.30



Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator effectively removes chlorines and chloramines from water.
  • Ideal for neutralising harmful chlorine and chloramines found in tap water, which is used for filling koi ponds or pools with aquatic life.
  • Add Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator when using tap water for filling a new pond or topping up the pond for evaporation losses.
  • Perfect water quality treatment for the tap water used in initial filling of pond at the beginning of the season or when doing partial water changes in fish ponds.
  • Completely safe on filters, animals, wild life and pond life.


How To Use

Usage Rates

  • 10 ml of Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator treats 500 litres of tap water
  • 20 ml of Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator treats 1,000 litres of tap water
  • 500 ml of Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator treats 25,000 litres of tap water
  • 1 litre of Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator treats 50,000 litres of tap water
  • 5 litre of Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator treats 250,000 litres of tap water

Note: Above mentioned  usage rates are for tap water with  1-2 ppm chlorine (normal UK level)

Full instructions on the label.



The Problem

Water authorities add chlorine and chloramines as disinfectant in the tap water supplies to the consumer. Chlorine and chloramines are harmful for fish even in concentration as low as 0.05 mg/L. These common additives found in tap water may cause gill damage in the fish, leading to gill lesions. The lesions thicken the gill filaments which result in the fish’s inability to use oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The condition eventually leads to fish death.

The Solution

Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator is an effective pond water dechlorinator, which safely eliminates chloramines and chlorines from the tap water before adding in the ponds with aquatic life.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

Products Questions:

Posted by on Monday, 27 January 2014


My pond is new. Why is an additive like Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator is necessary?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Monday, 27 January 2014

    Newly developed water features/ponds are filled using tap water. Water supplied in the tap contains added chlorine or chloramines, which is harmful for aquatic life. Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator removes these chemicals present in the tap water. You may use Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator under following situations:

    • Upon initially filling the pond with tap water
    • Adding tap water to make up for evaporation loss
    • When doing partial water change
Posted by on Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I have installed biological filters in my pond. Would Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator harm these filters?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator is completely safe on all types of filter membranes. In fact, Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator neutralizes the harmful chemicals such as chlorine that kills the favourable bacteria colonizing in the biological filters.

Posted by on Monday, 9 December 2013


Should the UV lights be switched off while treatment?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Monday, 9 December 2013

    The product action remains unaffected by the presence UV light.

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Is it safe to add Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator directly into the pond water?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Wednesday, 4 December 2013

    It is advisable to dechlorinate only the required amount of tap water used while doing partial water change or adding water to make up for evaporation loss.

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Customer Reviews

Delivery right on time
I wanted my newly dug up pond be filled with water as soon as possible.But friends advised me against using tap water because of chlorine in it. Someone suggested using a Dechlorinator. Now I know I did the right thing for my pond.
Review by Tim Winters

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